CYP Supports HDTVTest Shootout
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So which is the best 65″ 4K Ultra HD TV?

CYP helps get to the answer…

A question often asked is 'Which is the best TV on the market?'. A tricky one to answer, thanks to the wealth of proprietary technology available from the various main screen manufacturers. It is also rare to see all contenders running together unless in a retail store with questionable input source or set up. One way of ensuring an unbiased opinion is when the public choose a winner, which is why, in 2013, HDTVTest set out to offer the public a chance to vote on the best TV by creating the HDTVTest Shootout.


Taking place this coming Sunday the 15th of July from 10.30am to 3.30pm at Harefield Academy, Uxbridge, this year's shootout features models from LG, Panasonic, Samsung and Sony. Each screen has been run in and calibrated to the common standards used within the film and broadcast industry by Portrait Displays, who developed the industry-leading CalMAN calibration software and are then displayed to an audience of AV enthusiasts, who rate each screen across a wide-range of disciplines including:

  • Contrast performance;
  • Colour accuracy;
  • Motion;
  • Video processing;
  • Uniformity;
  • HDR;
  • Bright-room performance; and
  • Gaming

So that all of the displays can be fairly judged, they require a simultaneous input, which is where we come in. Having tried many HDMI distribution amplifiers, HDTVTest settled on the CYP QU-10-4K22 and QU-4-4K22, as they were proven to be the most reliable and accurate HDMI distribution amplifiers they could find. As this is a totally independent test, we are delighted to have been asked to support this event and it is testament to our product development and signal distribution integrity.

Watch this space to discover the winning screen, as we will be reporting back next week.

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