CYP Training

CYP now offers two industry leading levels of training which both follow a practical and hands on look at the AV industry supporting a number of crucial topics and solutions that the modern day installer and integrator will face on a daily basis. We are happy to deliver our Level 1 course at venue convenient to you and accommodate you at our state of the art training facility at our European Head Quarters in Shepperton, Surrey.


Level 1 - (On-site half day training)

The Level 1 course is a half day hands-on practical Introduction to new CYP products which achieves its objective in enabling you to build the confidence in installing a CYP AV solution and understanding the principle barriers to overcome from cabling to configuring several types of scenarios.

You will:

  • Gain an overview of the AV market place and look at the technological demands of newer technologies.
  • Understand the differences between types of HDMI, Category and Audio cable.
  • Be able to and understand how to terminate Category cable and overcome the barriers within an installation.
  • Experience a hands-on introduction to CYP products by installing and functioning CYP devices, for example: establishing a simple point-to-point kit, working with a matrix to splitting and scaling signals to successfully placing an inline audio de-embedder.
  • Gain an introduction to CYP's XA range of installation support tools.

Level 2 - (AV Academy-Full Day Training)

The CYP Level 2 course objective is aimed to support the intermediate to advanced installer looking to level up in terms of understanding the current industries technologies and how to apply and troubleshoot today's installations using CYP products.

You will:

  • Gain a hands on understanding of new technological standards by experiencing a practical approach in regards to UHD, HDR, Chroma Sub-sampling and Dolby Atmos through A/B demonstrations to creating and solving issues so you will be able to best cater for your customer's needs.
  • Understand how HDMI technology initialises and maintains an installation through TMDS, EDID, HDCP and HDBaseT protocols and technologies.
  • Be able to understand how data is transferred between HDMI devices and apply best practice in terms of CAT cabling when working with CYP products.
  • Level up in terms of experiencing a first-hand practical CYP installation, from troubleshooting a multi zone matrices setup, using scaling technology to work with data heavy content to work across multiple sinks and HDBaseT, IP point-to-point and multi-point scenarios, setting up video walls and applying audio solutions to work alongside bespoke scenarios.
  • Understanding how to control your system over RS-232, IR, WebGUI and Control 4.
  • Be able to practically troubleshoot an installation using CYP's XA range of testing tools.

Bespoke Courses, Projects and Facilities

At CYP we understand your company may need further support in terms of training, project specification and showroom. We can offer courses to suit your needs whether your expanding your business into the world of HDMI distribution or looking for advanced one-on-one training on a specific topic and/or product. Our doors are always open so don't hesitate to contact us!

For enquires please contact the CYP Training Department​ via email: or via telephone: +44 (0) 20 3137 6690.

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