Control Center with CYP SDVoE Solutions


Switching from source to source with minimal delay can be crucial in high pressure environments such as medical (OR), control rooms and security systems (CCTV cameras). Our SDVOE system offers almost instant switching, thanks to SDVoE’s inherent low latency and the receivers’ in-built scaler.

Put simply, the operator can preview what is playing from any source and then ‘drag’ it to any of the connected displays.  This offers greater flexibility and efficiency, particularly as the user can view what is being outputted in real-time. In addition, the user also has the ability to switch pre-configured groups of sources or displays, making switching simple and intuitive even during busy working hours.

Simplifying this process helps operators to quickly determine any situation and allows for essential decision-related content being made readily available in remote spaces. This simplified procedure significantly reduces troubleshooting and unnecessary downtime, improving efficiency and productivity.