Hyshare From CYP – Enhancing Medical Care Wirelessly


For any modern-day medical procedure, reliance on technology is essential.  This is even more important when the technology is monitoring patient care.  When setting up its isolation wards, one hospital  in Taiwan wanted to monitor its anesthesia and ventilation machines remotely, so as to cause minimal patient disturbance and maximum isolation.  Crucially, they needed the data transmission to be wireless.

CYP HyShare utilises its own wireless mesh, so is not affected by other Wi-Fi traffic and is able to transmit 4K video signals seamlessly, allowing for the crucial real-time monitoring of the equipment.  When partnered with the appropriate scaler, such as the SY-HDVGA-4K22 (VGA-HDMI) or SY-12H-4K22 (HDMI-HDMI), real-time mirroring of the medical display devices in high-definition video can be wirelessly transmitted to an external display device away from the patient.