Smart Learning, For Everyone


Technology now plays a large part in today’s teaching environments.  From large lecture halls through to single classrooms, teachers now use interactive screens and whiteboards to present dynamic content to their students, whilst distance learning has now become a standard feature.

By incorporating Pro AV technology into the classroom, teaching institutions can now offer a superior dynamic learning environment for all, freeing up the lecturer’s time to concentrate on their pupils, rather than worrying about the technology.

Being both highly flexible and scalable, our IP-7000 series is the perfect solution for classrooms wanting to increase engagement with students. Offering centralised control and signal transmission up to 100m over a dedicated LAN (an additional 100m can be transmitted between two network switches), the lecturer’s display can be broadcast to locally connected devices and/or displays, whilst students can input real-time comments to be broadcast back on the main screen for the whole class to see.

Distance learning is made simple, with the student having their own receiver at home, allowing them to be an integral part of the class. With multi-view and preview functions available, the lecturer can decide what everyone views, whilst the scalability of the system is simple, especially when used with the IP-CS7 controller, which will ‘find’ any new receivers or transmitters added to the system.