Wide-scale audiovisual entertainment in Large Sports Bar

Visiting a sports bar to watch live games, savour delicious food and soak up the lively atmosphere is a common daily routine for sports enthusiasts. With the installation of large TV monitors and surround sound systems, customers can feel the thrill of watching matches as if they were at the stadium. Additionally, customers in different areas of the site can easily switch between different viewing content using intuitive tablets, resulting in a high-quality audio-visual experience.

Customer Requirements:

▪️ Integration of signal source devices into the control room and expansion to the bar TV screens.

▪️ Ability to directly adjust monitor configurations or change signal source.

▪️ Easily and instantly change equipment configurations based on different usage scenarios.

CYP Solution:

By using both wired transmission and wireless projection, high-resolution signals can be transmitted in a stable way over long distances to the local TV screens. With intuitive tablet operation, screen setups can be adjusted and signal sources can be switched continuously, ensuring uninterrupted audio-visual entertainment.

Extended Applications:

Audiovisual broadcasting in medium-sized and large gyms and entertainment.