Case Study

Pro AV-IT Structure

Professional Execution For All Custom Installations and AV-IT Integrations

At CYP, we design and manufacture some of the World’s most advanced and reliable AV distribution
solutions, all of which work seamlessly across a wide range of custom installations and AV-IT integrations.
By combining our extensive knowledge of the latest technology with our long-term experience of AV, our
products offer unrivalled compatibility between the source and display which can be constructed from the
below Pro AV-IT development structure.

Medical Imaging Solution

Progress & Challenges in Medical Imaging

Due to the very strict standards rightly employed by the medical profession, we have created a range of
solutions that exceed performance expectations, whilst offering a wide range of features ideally suited to
the application. Top of the list is seamless integration with medical equipment, offering super-quick input
switching between ultrasound, endoscope, and vital-sign devices, whilst image, video and data capture,
zoom in/out, PiP, PoP modes etc. are accessible from the customisable user interface.


  Businesses are constantly looking at how their meeting rooms are setup to ensure they are as productive and collaborative as possible. OurĀ EL-2600VĀ Presentation Matrix has been designed with these thoughts in mind. 2 HDMI inputs, 1 DisplayPort input and 1 legacy VGA input are all included. 4K@60Hz 4:4:4 resolutions can be sent from the HDMI … Continue reading CONFERENCE ROOM


Wide-scale audiovisual entertainment in Large Sports Bar

Visiting a sports bar to watch live games, savour delicious food and soak up the lively atmosphere is a common daily routine for sports enthusiasts. With the installation of large TV monitors and surround sound systems, customers can feel the thrill of watching matches as if they were at the stadium. Additionally, customers in different … Continue reading Wide-scale audiovisual entertainment in Large Sports Bar