PUV-C3050TX-UA – HDBaseT3 Full 4K USB-C Transmitter with USB, PoH, Audio Pathway & HDMI bypass

The PUV-C3050TX-UA is part of the new generation of HDBaseT 3.0 technology. This transmitter is capable of extending uncompressed USB-C (HDMI 2.0 4K@60 4:4:4, 8-bit or 4K HDR) video and HD audio, as well as control signals, via a single run of Cat.6a/7 cable over distances of up to 40 meters. Multiple control and data signals may also be transmitted along with the audio and video, including IR, RS-232, and USB 2.0. The PUV-C3050TX-UA also has a local HDMI output that mirrors its input.

USB connectivity allows extension of USB signals, ideal for uses such as KVM (keyboard and mouse) or touch / interactive displays, and with USB2.0 support this connection allows for fast data transfer and expanded peripheral compatibility.

For added flexibility, this Transmitter (when paired with a compatible receiver) supports bi-directional analogue audio.

This product is ideal for any scenario which needs uncompressed video and audio over distance, such as medical equipment, conference rooms, education, residential, and more.

Compatible Receiver required.

  • USB-C (USB 3.0) video compatible
  • HDMI 2.0 and DVI 1.0 compatible
  • HDCP 2.2 and HDCP 1.x compliant
  • HDBaseT 3.0 compliant (Backwards compatible with HDBaseT 2.0/1.0)
  • 1 x USB-C input; 1 x HDBaseT3 and HDMI output
  • Supports up to 4K UHD+ (18Gbps, 4K@60Hz 4:4:4, 8-bit) video output over both HDMI and HDBaseT • Supports Deep Color input and output up to 12-bit
  • Supports CEC bypass
  • HDBaseT extends video, audio and data over a single Cat.6A/7 cable and can reach distances up to 70m/230ft
  • HDBaseT feature support: HD Video and Audio, PoH (PSE), Bi-directional audio (analogue), and Control (bi-directional USB/IR/RS-232 pass-through)
  • Supports 10-bit and 12-bit HDR (High Dynamic Range) input/output
  • 2 USB 2.0 Type-A device ports and 1 USB-C host port
  • Selectable USB-C audio extraction/analog audio bypass functionality when paired with a compatible receiver Note: USB-C audio extraction is only available with LPCM 2.0 sources.
  • HDMI output functions as a local monitor
  • Can supply PoH to a connected compatible receiver
Inputs 1x USB-C [1x USB-C / Thunderbolt]
1x Phoenix (3 pin) [1x Analogue Stereo (L/R) Audio Input]
2x USB Type A [2x Propriety Data]
1x Phoenix (4 pin) [1x Shared IR I/O]
Outputs 1x RJ45 [1x HDBaseT3 HDMI & Propriety Data]
1x HDMI [1x HDMI Uncompressed AV and Data]
1x Phoenix (3 pin) [1x Analogue Stereo (L/R) Audio Output]
PSU 24V/2.7A
Dimensions 130mm [W] x 110mm [D] x 250mm [H]
Net Weight 420g
Gross Weight 1320g

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