RAX-Y-48V – 8 Way 48V Power Distribution Cable

Whether a conventional point-to-point system or a fully fledged multi-zone environment, organisation of the numerous components is essential when creating the perfect installation. The equipment rack can typically become a very complex place, especially when employing multiple point-to-point extenders, repeaters and break-out boxes.

The RAX 48V Power Distribution cable is a simple solution for providing multiple devices with 48V DC power within the RAX enclosure. 8 x 48V DC power outlets are provided from the AC/DC Mains Converter. Each 48V socket has a ‘Snap Locking’ connector to enable simple integration with our range of compatible 48V products.

  • Single PSU feeding 8 Way Power Adapter
  • Snap Lock Connectors
  • Easy to install and space saving
Outputs  1x 8-Way 'Y' power connector [1x 48V 8-way power cable]
PSU 48V/3.12A
Dimensions  64mm [W] x 175mm [D] x 40mm [H] 
Net Weight  0.580kg
Gross Weight  1.320kg

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