SY-XTREAM-PIP – 4K Dual HDMI to USB Video Capture with PIP

The SY-XTREAM-PIP HDMI to USB video capture / recorder with HDMI bypass can support resolutions up to 18Gbps (600Mhz) 4K UHD with HDR (via the HDMI bypass pathway) while simultaneously streaming the audio and video signal at 1080p to the USB connected PC for capture and re-broadcast.

Special video timing stabilisation feature helps to ensure that the USB capture stream won’t lock up or drop even if the HDMI input source is intermittent or disconnected. This makes your live streaming stable and non-stop.

USB capture is accomplished using the UAC (USB Audio Class) and UVC (USB Video Class) standards, allowing the unit to support most common video capture, chat or streaming software, including the free OBS (Open Broadcast Software) streaming software which is available for Windows, macOS and Linux. The SY-XTREAM-PIP is powered directly by the USB 3.0 port so an external psu is not required (A -Y cable is required when connecting via USB 2.0 in order to deliver the necessary power). Availability and access to the controllable features of the unit depend on the 3rd party software used.


  • 2 HDMI inputs: input 1 resolution up to 4K@60, input 2 up to 1080p@60
  • 1 HDMI bypass output (Follow source up to 4K@60)
  • Configurable analogue audio pathway: Mic; Line
  • USB3.0 (Type-B to Type-A) connected to PC for data transmission.
  • Mode select button is designed for changing the layout of video sources
  • Audio auto switch for priorities audio insertion or defaults
  • Audio Mixer for provide flexible audio feature for mixing analogue mic in with HDMI input audio
  • PC software available for detail control and setting
Inputs  2x HDMI [2x HDMI Uncompressed AV and Data]
1x 3.5mm Stereo mini-jack [1x Switchable analogue audio Stereo(L/R) / Microphone]
Outputs  1x HDMI [1x HDMI (bypass) Uncompressed AV and Data]
1x USB 3 Type B [1x Power & Data]
PSU  USB powered
Dimensions  180mm [W] x 103mm [D] x 25mm [H] 
Net Weight  360g 
Gross Weight  560g

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