WPS-QPM01 – Hyshare Wireless Presentation System

Hyshare is a high-performance Wireless Presentation System (WPS). It is the mainstream model of the Hyshare product family. Although it is small, it still comes with powerful dual-core SoC and advanced 802.11ac 5GHz Wi-Fi to provide you a smooth wireless display experience.

By keeping the USB type A connection, it can support both iOS and Android platforms and mirror over USB without any apps required. It also supports “Split Screen Display”, “Host Control System”, touchback control over USB, and USB HID to provide a more friendly and efficient environment for BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices) events.

Simply connect the receiver HDMI to your display and power, then connect your HDMI source to the transmitter and power via a USB connection. For mobile streaming directly to your display, its own LAN connection allows any iOS or Android device can easily be streamed to your display without having to disconnect from you internet Wi-Fi connection. Add to this the fantastic multi-view capabilities of this systems and you have a incredible versatile presentation system.

This kit is supplied with 2x transmitters and 1x receiver.

  • High compatibility with iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS
  • Supports 1080p input and 4K30 output
  • 802.11ac 5GHz Wi-Fi transmission
  • Supports touchback, Google Cast and AirPlay
  • Support up to 4 split screens
  • Allow up to 64 connections simultaneously
  • Support multi I/O: HDMI and USB
PSU 5V/2A,USB powered
Dimensions  135mm [W] x 82mm [D] x 127mm [H] 
Net Weight  159g 
Gross Weight  880g 

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