Commercial Solution

Situation Room

In military situation rooms or command centers, where crucial decisions are made during times of crisis, it is vitally important that the content being transmitted to the central video-wall and surrounding screens experiences minimal latency. This is why SDVoE is the go-to solution for military grade installations, where users experience the best quality over a 10G CAT or Fibre network. Our SDVoE Transceivers, which can be programmed to be either a Transmitter or Receiver, have the ability to form a distributed video matrix, a multi-viewer system, or a video wall system. The SDVoE Master Controller, SDV-CS8, provides an effortless configuration and control tool for all the SDVoE extenders that are on the same network. Our brand new SDVoE Transceiver, SDV-FTRX-U, integrates a USB hub on each Transceiver that can be configured to be in USB Host or Device Mode. Each device can function as a simple point to point KVM extension, be freely routed between any two endpoints, or can be configured into a special “Simultaneous” mode, allowing up to 7 Host Mode Transceivers to extend their USB ports to a single Device Mode Transceiver. This type of USB KVM routing flexibility enables a wide range of multi-user, control room, or on-demand installation scenarios.

999 Transmit 4K HDR (6G) signals over a 10G IP Network

USB KVM routing flexibility

Create and configure video-wall & multi-view arrangements using the SDVoE Master Controller, SDV-CS8

Ultra-low latency

Selection Guide

ModelDescriptionMain Features
1 SDV-CTRX (RX mode)

SDVoE 4KUHD (6G) HDMI over CAT Transceiver

  • 10G Based AV over IP
  • Ultra-low latency
  • 4K@60Hz 4:4:4 Transmission
2 SDV-FTRX-U (TX mode)

SDVoE 4KUHD (6G) HDMI over Fiber Transceiver

  • 10G Based AV over IP
  • HDMI local monitor output when in Transmitter mode
  • 4K HDR transmission

HDMI to USB 3.0 Capture & Recorder

  • Auto 4K Scaling for 1080p Streaming
  • Windows, macOS or Linux support
  • OBS or similar streaming software
2 CR-KP4

8-Button Control Keypad

  • 32 macros for controlling user equipment
  • Up to 128 total commands can be stored
  • Controllable via keypad, Telnet and WebGUI

SDVoE Master Controller

  • Powerful & flexible controller for all SDVoE hardware
  • Drag & Drop Control
  • HDMI & USB output for direct WebGUI access

Conference Room

Businesses are constantly looking at how their meeting rooms are setup to ensure they are as productive and collaborative as possible.

Our EL-2600V Presentation Matrix has been designed with these thoughts in mind. 2 HDMI inputs, 1 DisplayPort input and 1 legacy VGA input are all included. 4K@60Hz 4:4:4 resolutions can be sent from the HDMI & DisplayPort inputs along with bidirectional Ethernet, RS-232, USB, and IR.

The EL-2600V also includes a microphone input, with optional 48V/5V phantom power support offering the complete presentation solution. When paired with the PUV-2600RX, up to 3 switchable USB 2.0 host connections are available, which connect to up to 6 USB 2.0 device ports for a multi-source, bidirectional, and flexible KVM configuration. Both units provide a balanced analogue stereo audio breakout, allowing audio to be integrated with local amplifiers or active speakers.

The EL-2600V also has the capability to be powered through PoH provided by the PUV-2600RX, allowing for even greater flexibility. You can control these units using front panel controls, WebGUI, Telnet, Triggers, and RS-232. However, our new Universal Device Controller, the CR-UDC1, is the ultimate control solution for any CYP & 3rd party devices within the same local network.

The powerful automation event editor supports scheduling, physical trigger activation, device monitoring and direct device polling to control the actions of devices. It’s the ideal central control unit for conference rooms or large event venues!

HDMI & DisplayPort inputs sup-ports 4K@60Hz (4:4:4, 8-bit)

Driver Ready Allows Third-Party Control, I.e., Crestron, Control 4, AMX and Telnet

PoH (Power over HDBaseT) and Bi-directional Ethernet, RS-232, USB & IR

Selected source can be transmit-ted over Cat.6/7 cable up to 100m (4K@60Hz, 4:2:0)

Selection Guide

ModelDescriptionMain Features
1 EL-2600V

UHD 4 x 2 Matrix switcher with flexible USB connectivity

  • Multi input output 4 by 2 matrix
  • 4K@60Hz compatible HDBaseT2 output
  • PoE power option
2 PUV-2600RX

Specialist HDBaseT Receiver 2x2 Matrix

  • Designed to partner EL-2600V
  • Bi-directional USB
  • 4K@60Hz compatible
3 AU-A220

Mini Stereo Amplifier 2x20W

  • Analogue & optical inputs
  • Compact design
  • RS-232 Control
4 CR-KP4

8-Button Control Keypad

  • 32 macros for controlling user equipment
  • Up to 128 total commands can be stored
  • Up to 128 total commands can be stored

Universal Device Controller

  • Powerful & flexible control solution
  • CYP & 3rd party device control
  • Direct HDMI & USB connected for WebGUI programming
6 CR-CS2

IP to Relay, IR & RS-232 Controller

  • 26 user defined macros
  • 8 trigger inputs
  • 4 relay triggers
  • 4 IR outputs

Huddle Space

We understand the challenge to design a workspace that allows users to have a flexible and highly efficient means of sharing content from various sources, which is why our new 3×2 Matrix switcher with a built-in wireless presentation system, the OR-32WPS-SDMI, has been de- signed with these requirements in mind. Not only does the OR-32WPS-SDMI have two of the most common forms of video inputs that can be found on most modern-day matrices, HDMI & USB-C, but by including a Wireless input connection, the user can now cast their content over WiFi to a pair of HDMI outputs without the need of messy cabling or dongles. This matrix also includes a USB 3.0 hub with two host ports (Type B and Type C), plus two device ports (Type A) for a flexible KVM configuration. This unit is controllable via front panel controls, WebGUI, Telnet and RS- 232, or by using our new CR-KP4 8 button keypad to switch between different presets.

Supports 4K@60Hz (4:4:4, 8-bit) HDR10 and Dolby Vision

Dongle-free wireless input con-nection compatible with Win-dows, macOS, Android & iOS

USB-C port supports USB 3.0 speed, device powering 20V/3A and one gigabit Ethernet at best

HDMI Output Port A supports downscaling a 4K signal to 1080p@60Hz

Selection Guide

ModelDescriptionMain Features

UHD+ 3x2 Matrix Switcher with USB Ethernet Hub, plus built-in Wireless Presentation System

  • HDMI Output Port A supports downscaling
  • USB-C powering 20V/3A
  • Wireless system compatible with Windows, macOS, Android & iOS
2 CR-KP4

8-Button Control Keypad

  • 32 macros for controlling user equipment
  • Up to 128 total commands can be stored
  • Controllable via keypad, Telnet and WebGUI

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